New tools subcategory on my page (NEW)

Posted: March 28th, 2011 by HrAstro

Finally I had time to open a new subcategory on my web page, subcategory dedicated to a little tools of mine. The first tool is to help to quick find a appropriate imaging object for the night, Astrophotography object suggestion tool. If you like it, please spread a word :).

About me and astrophotography

Posted: February 4th, 2007 by HrAstro

Astrophotography poses challenges that are distinct from normal photography because most subjects are usually quite faint, and are often small in angular size!
I decided to take this challenge and make this site in order to present you my work in this discipline that popularises astronomy so much! (more about me)

And now I'm going to stop yapping and show you what I got. Enjoy!

Latest three photos:

galleries, deepsky moon planets widefield
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School of astrophotography

Posted: February 4th, 2007 by HrAstro

You're a proud owner of a telescope, and for some strange reason you also have a camera. So, have you ever wondered whether is it possible to photograph anything? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. For such a purpose any digital camera will do. The only question that remains, is which method should be used. If you own an automatic camera, you'll be limited only to lighter objects like the Moon, or the planets, and the only method which is at your disposal is the Afocal method. If you own a professional SLR digital camera almost all the doors are opened. The only problem may represent the rest of the equipment.

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